Wednesday, October 5, 2016

What dreams may come...

Before we finish with the Scarlet Letter and start Hamlet, we will have a little test. It's not a big test. It's actually more like a quiz. It's so small it's embarrassing that it is for AP Lit, but given the fact you have college essays, a Scarlet Letter essay, and Hamlet about to begin (get your books if you're not checking out from our library), I thought a wee little test would be more appropriate than a BIG test. :)

Format: Choose 5 of 10 provided quotes and discuss (1) who said it (2) when it was said (what was the situation), and (3) what is the significance/meaning/importance to the ENTIRE WORK. Also discuss if the quote relates to character, theme, symbolism, irony, foreshadowing, imagery, etc. 
See. Little. Tiny. Wee. 

Today is Wednesday. Let's Work on essays tomorrow (Thursday). Then let's do the wee itty-bitty quiz/test on Friday. We'll push starting Hamlet back to Monday. But when we start, we're going to really move. Intro. Overview. Get into the text! Soliloquy analyses. Performances? Arguments. Oh boy! :)