Monday, January 19, 2015

Turning In Your Work

A few of you have had questions on how to turn in your poem or This I Believe speech.  Just put it in the file that I pushed out to you entitled Your Name - AP Lit Eating Poetry in your  class folder (Your Name - AP Lang per  This I Believe if you're in AP Lang). Do not do like this person and upload your own file as it will NOT show up in the assignment folder in my teacher folder. ALL you have to do is put your work in that file. That is all. Nothing else.

But wait you say, my folder has one or more other files with that name except they have docx at the
end like this student. Disregard anything that says docx at the end. I will disregard it. Don't put your work there as I won't see it. Put it in the other file.

For the curious, I think I figured out where those files came from. At home, I use a program called Syncdocs that syncs Google Drive to my home computer. It seems to have been caught in a feedback loop of some kind making copies of documents. Don't ever use that program. I'm going to have lots of fun deleting extra documents all throughout my drive. Yay! :( Sorry if it caused you any confusion.

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